Complete Fiber Optic Solution

Complete Fiber Optic Solution
Fiber Splicing Machines

The process of fusion splicing involves using localized heat to melt or fuse the ends of two optical fibers together. The splicing process begins by preparing each fiber end for fusion. Fusion splicing requires that all protective coatings be removed from the ends of each fiber. The fiber is then cleaved using the score-and-break method. The quality of each fiber end is inspected using a microscope. In fusion splicing, splice loss is a direct function of the angles and quality of the two fiber-end faces.

Understanding the importance of fusion splicing and the delicate nature of this process, we have gone to great length in order to secure and provide our customers with High End Fiber Splicing Machines that are conformant with highest industry specs.

OSP Network Construction

This is the core project implementation wing of the department. BGT being one of the most established and a reputed contractor of ARAMCO & SABIC is engaged in the following project groups for implementing Cable Network Projects.

Civil Works Department

The Civil Works Department is primarily concerned with the construction, upgrade and modification of cable networks CLIENTS and other public utilities in the Kingdom.

The department is structured and dedicated to meet the tremendous growth in land line, mobile communication and the subsequent Technological development of the Kingdom. Client›s satisfaction with consistently maintained goodwill. Warranty of works to establish faith and reliability.

Accomplishment with completeness and accuracy, The main function of this department is:

OSP Design, Construction and implementation
Design and Implementation of Civil Works, Primary, Secondary Networks
  • Site Clearing /Grubbing
  • Site Layout
  • Excavation for foundation
  • Laying of earthing cable
  • Concrete Blinding of Tower Foundation
  • Tower Foundation
  • Backfilling and Compaction around Tower Foundation 8 -Pouring of Shelter Foundation and SCECO Wall
  • Tower Erection and Antenna Mounts
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Equipment Shelter Installation
  • Civil PAT
  • Electrical and Earthing Installation
  • Cable Gantry Guide
OSP (Outside Plant)
Design Of OSP Network

This section is well equipped with OSP Designers, Surveyors, CAD and Micro-station operators. OSP Copper and Fiber Optic Projects with turn-key project solution, bidding and other Engineering activities are supported by the Design Unit. Designers and Surveyors are also supporting the various Clients ofARAMCO & SABIC

RAN Implementation Projects

As turnkey project solution, quiet a large no of Fiber Cable Laying project, starting from Survey, Design till implementation to install RAN (Electronic Cabinet) including the Civil Works, Copper & Fiber cable laying, terminations, testing, grounding & bounding works including the all necessary scheduled activities till PAT works were undertaken and accomplished to the client’s satisfaction.

Long Distance Fiber Projects

After undertaking and completing well ahead of schedule the Survey, Planning and Design The professional approach in implementing the Long Distance Fiber Optic Cable Laying and Termination has been appreciated widely by the Clients. Turnkey solutions for various Cable Networks and transmission projects like: Long Distance Projects, Junction and Access Networks Presently the prime function of this department is to diversify into various Civil and Construction projects in Electrical Power transmission and Distribution, Copper and Fiber Optic Network.