Low Current

Low Current Systems
  • Fire alarm and detection system (FAD)
  • Public address system (PAS)
  • Nurse Call Systems (NCS)
  • Panic System (SOS)
  • Structure Cabling Systems (SCS)
  • Closed circuit television system (CCTV)
  • Burglar Alarm Systems (SOT)
  • Control Access System (CAS)
Fire Alarm And Detection System (FAD)
Fire alarm and detection systems are used to detect fire in the beginning. Fire alarm systems can give signal to other systems in a building, which are used for safety. Sirens are used to signalize people in case of fire. There is a possibility for automatic signalization to fire department. Fire alarm systems are two types:
  • Conventional systems – used for small buildings;
  • Addressable systems – used in big and complex buildings;

When we design such systems we follow Norm Iз-1971/29.10.2009г. as well as the recommendations of the local fire.

The system allows to be integrated with other low current systems. That can be done with graphical station with specialized software. The software can visualize alarms and events from the system.

Public Address System (PAS)

Public Address Systems are used for announcing people when different dangerous situations occur like: fire, earthquake etc. in a building. Except announcing the system can be used to play music as a background. The system is integrated with fire alarm system for announcing in case of fire. It is most used in public buildings, hospitals, cinemas, trade center (MALL), hotels etc.

Nurse Call Systems (NCS)

Nurse call systems are specialized systems. Mainly used in hospitals, especially in where there is no nurse is presence all the time.

Panic System (SOS)

Panic Systems are used to give an alarm when a person need. Mostly used in bathrooms in hotels.

Structure Cabling Systems (SCS)

Structure cabling systems are used for supplying different services like: internet, telephone lines, TV in a building. Mainly used in business buildings, office buildings, trade centers (MALL), public buildings, hospitals, schools and of course resident buildings.

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

Specialized cameras are used for video surveillance of object. Object can be outside perimeter of building, storage and etc. That technology grows very fast and today surveillance can be made from a mobile phone. CCTV is used in banks, casinos, airports, storage's, MALL's and other important objects that require using surveillance cameras.

Burglar Alarm System (SOT)

Burglar alarm systems are used for protecting offices, homes, banks etc., which main idea is preventing robberies. There is possibility for sending SMS or making a call. When designing such systems the aim is as soonest detection as possible and alarming the security firm and the owner. As additional protection can be used specialized locking systems.

Control Access System (CAS)

The purpose of these systems is to limit the access to building, floor or a room. In that way can be restricted the access of unauthorized people. Control access control can be made with code, card or biometric data as well as a combination of these. The system can be integrated with other security systems like: CCTV, burglar alarm systems.

Mainly used for office and business buildings.