National VPN Connectivity Over MPLS

VPN Connectivity

POLARISNET provides private connectivity between customer locations:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) delivers private network services over a public infrastructure. An IP VPN is a partitioned private network constructed over a shared IP-based backbone that utilizes technologies to ensure privacy of data. They offer enterprise-class scalability and reach ability across multiple IP-based infrastructures, along with many of the performance and security characteristics traditionally found only in dedicated private environments.

POLARISNET MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) technology based VPNs combines the intelligence of private IP routing with the added performance of label switching to move packets between any locations on the network.

MPLS also provides a greater degree of security for voice and other types of business traffic since each VPN is a virtually separated network infrastructure over the SLT's MPLS IP Backbone.

POLARISNET offers the following National VPN connectivity bases; they even can be combined in one solution:

  • Wired Leased line connection
  • Wireless Leased line connection
  • V-Sat link connection
  • ADSL connection.